Date Prices Average Change
2016-11-16 274.30 - 274.30 274.3 1.7
2016-11-17 273.70 - 273.70 273.7 -0.6
2016-11-18 270.40 - 270.40 270.4 -3.3
2016-11-21 271.78 - 271.78 271.78 1.38
2016-11-22 273.30 - 273.30 273.3 1.52
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Products Prices Average Change Unit Date Trend
Gold(99.95%) 273.25 273.25 1.71 RMB/g 3-month old Gold(99.95%) prices trend

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Gold(99.99%) Historical Prices

SMM historical database of metals include SMM Prices, most of which could be tracked back since 2000. The SMM Prices, assessed and published every morning after surveys, reflect mainstream traded cash prices in China’s metals spot markets.
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About Gold(99.99%)

Refer to traded prices of Gold(99.99%) in China.
Standard/ Specification:Conform to standards of Au>=99.99% stipulated under GB/T 4134-2003
Currency and unit:RMB/g (excluding tax)
Time for price release:Weekdays GMT 11:30am,except Chinese public holidays
Product definition:Refer to traded prices of Gold(99.99%) in China
SMM price :SMM price refers to a price range that reflects prices for transactions already made or for tradable spot goods in the market. However, any special prices arising from related party transactions, sell-offs caused by financial or legal pressures, and any other unrepeatable transactions are excluded.

About SMM Prices

SMM Price is spot price for nonferrous metals and steel products, with a group of 391 categories, including base metals, minor metals, precious metals, rare earth, metallic compounds, powders, alloys, secondary metals, and other copper related products.

SMM conducts price surveys on mining companies, smelters, traders, and processers downstream, and develops SMM prices according to these surveys and SHFE price data.

The prices are confirmed by both buyers and sellers, and verified by neutral third party of credibility. In this way, SMM provides market-based guide prices and assessed prices for China’s metals markets.

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CNY Base Rate

100 units of foreign currencies in CNY

Name Buying Rate Selling Rate Middle Rate
USD 686.85 689.61 688.3
HKD 88.48 88.82 88.69
100JPY 604.99 609.24 605.66
EUR 723.87 728.95 725.47
GBP 857.83 863.85 859.32
Date: 2017-02-22

Source: spot exchange rate at UTC 10:55 am every day on the website of Bank of China