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    Tibet Summit Industry Returns to Profitability after Acquisition of Tazhong Mining

    (October 9, 10:01) Tibet Summit Industry’s profit in the first three quarters this year is expected to be 2...

    How Glencore Cut News Will Affect Zinc Prices? SMM Interviews

    (October 9, 3:39) LME zinc surged by about 2% to climb above $1,700 per tonne, and the most actively-trade z...

    Goldman Sachs Slashes Price Forecast for Zinc and Lead 2015-2016

    (October 9, 3:07) Goldman Sachs lowered its outlook for zinc and lead prices for this and next year October ...

    China Iron Ore Monthly Monitor September, 2015

    Prices for imported ore fell back in mid-to-late September as growing shipments by overseas mines pushed up st...

    China Silicon Metal Market Monthly September, 2015

    Average Operating Rate at China Silicon Metal Producers Up to 50.75% in September

    China Manganese Monthly - September, 2015

    Prices for imported manganese ore at Chinese ports dropped, because of falling demand from SiMn alloy producer...

    China Copper Weekly 20150928

    Cargo holders sold proactively at highs, leaving supply sufficient. This in turn weighed on spot prices, attra...

    2015 SMM China (First) Antimony Market Trading Summit

    Antimony prices fluctuated wildly in 2015. Prices continued to hit record lows since May. Will prices rebound in the foreseeable future against high costs, thin profit and weak demand? And how should antimony producer find a way out? SMM will give deep analysis at the meeting.Chinese Premier Li Keqiang pointed out “Internet Plus” will be a new economic form. Against this backdrop, how will traditional producers capitalize on “Internet Plus” to boost production, process- ing and trade? SMM will also provide you matchmaking and on-line trading services. | Sep 9 - 10, 2015

    2015 SMM China Nonferrous Metals Industry Annual Conference

    SMM would like to invite you to the 2015 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Annual Conference & SMM FTZ Nonferrous Metals Trading Platform Conference taking place in Shanghai during November 12-13. The meeting brings together over 1,000 industry insiders each year to share their insights and perspectives, a meeting that you can never miss. | Nov 12 - 13, 2015

    2015 (10th) Shanghai Lead and Zinc Summit

    10 years of summits, 18 years of industry experience, over 400 participants SMM and Liyuan work together to create a communication platform for market players in lead & zinc industries. | May 13 - 15, 2015

    2015 (10th) SHANGHAI COPPER & ALUMINUM SUMMIT - Copper

    Most popular industry summit! About 800 participants will attend the conference every year where you can meet some potential business partners. Interviews of industry insiders and visit to bonded warehouses in Shanghai Free Trade Zone to help you broaden the horizon and amass a large network of contacts! | Mar 25 - 27, 2015

    Metal prices


    Product Price Average Change Date
    Copper 39500-39340 39420 1130 Oct 08
    YangShan Copper Premium 120-105
    112.5 5 Oct 08
    Aluminum 11580-11540 11560 -60 Oct 08
    Lead 13550-13400 13475 75 Oct 08
    Zinc 14050-13950 14000 120 Oct 08
    Tin 99000-97000 98000 0 Oct 08
    Nickel 77200-76300 76750 1300 Oct 08

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    SMM Index (Unit:RMB/mt) Oct 09 , 2015