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    Price Warning: China Aluminum Inventories Surge by Three Times from Record Low in 2016

    (February 22, 3:18) Aluminum inventories in domestic five major trading markets started rising from early 2017...

    SMM Price Outlook for Base Metals on SHFE (Feb. 22, 2017)

    (February 22, 1:50) Base metal prices overnight dropped across the board, and the dollar is expected to be str...

    China 10 Nonferrous Metals Output Increases 2.5% in 2016

    (February 22, 1:30) China’s output of ten nonferrous metals increased 2.5% to 52.83 million tonnes in 2016, ...

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    • Lead Prices Will Trade at $2,800 By Year’s End
    • Lead has had a pretty wild ride over the past few months. After a big run in 2016, prices sold off in December, offering buyers a great opportunity to buy the metal as prices pulled back.
    • Feb 22 2017
    • Zinc to Remain Range-Bound (2017-2-22)
    • US January existing home sales, eurozone annualized January CPI and IFO Business climate index in February are due for release today. Eurozone data are expected to be flat at December’s while US data
    • Feb 22 2017

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    • The Best Reasons to Buy Gold in the Age of Trump
    • Notwithstanding the strong demand for gold and silver globally, buying activity in the U.S. retail market for physical bullion has fallen noticeably in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory. And
    • Feb 22 2017


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    Metal prices


    Product Price Average Change Date
    Copper 48960-48480 48720 520 Feb 21
    YangShan Copper Premium 60-45 (USD/mt) 52.5 -2 Feb 21
    Aluminum 13930-13890 13910 70 Feb 21
    Lead 19150-19050 19100 250 Feb 21
    Zinc 23470-23370 23420 670 Feb 21
    Tin 149500-147500 148500 750 Feb 21
    Nickel 90850-90450 90650 725 Feb 21

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    SMM Index (Unit:RMB/mt) Feb 22 , 2017



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