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China’s Aluminum FRP Market Study


Client intends to gain the in-depth knowledge of China’s aluminum FRP market in order to assess how the growing domestic capacity will affect the global market and reshape the trade dynamics.




FRP market was categorized by can body, can end & tab, auto brazing, auto body sheet, Litho-CTP/PS, and etc.

In-Depth Interview with major FRP producers and consumers

Sample Size

Covering over 40% FRP capacity, with a particular focus on high-value-added FPR producers

Project Time

8 weeks



In-depth analysis of market drivers and development trend

Forecast of China’s FRP production, import & export in each selected sub-market

Competitive evaluation of key Chinese FRP producers

Implications and strategy recommendation



Client’s understanding of China FRP market

The affect on the global market and trade dynamics

Potential competition and opportunity assessment