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Battery Recycling Technology Understanding

Battery Recycling Technology Understanding

Battery Recycling Technology Understanding

SMM bases on extensive primary interview, internal database and modelling, successfully help our client deeply understand the recycling technology from different perspective and its related future development directions

Project Background

As lithium-ion battery (LIB) production and usage grows, LIB recycling has been positioned as an alternative and important source of material. Different technology of LIB recycling may resulting in recovery rate of key metals, such as nickel, cobalt and lithium. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the technical route of battery recycling and understand the key difference that affects the recovery rate.

Key Output

Technology-wise recycling process outline

Recovery rate and output product of different technology routes
Key energy consumption, waste generation and emissions of key procedures

Capex & Opex of different technology route

SMM Methodology

Based on client’s request, SMM has scoped the project into 2 modules:

Technology-wise recycling process outline
Capex & Opex analysis through different technology route


Main Research Methodology:

Primary Interviews
-Industry level: conduct in-depth interviews with ~30 recycling value chain players, incl. OEMs (4 samples,) battery plants (3 samples), end users (5 samples), vehicle operators (3 samples), trader/ outlet/ dismantler (9 samples) and refiners (6 samples)
-Company level: conduct in-depth interviews with different departments of each value chain company, incl. procurement dept., sales dept., cost monitoring dept., senior management, etc.
Desktop ResearchSMM internal databases, industry public reports

SMM Technology Comparative Study Approach

NCM Black Mass Technology Route Overview

Technology Route – Ni & Co & Mn Solution  (1/x)

Capex/Opex Analysis – Black Mass Stage

Opex Analysis – Recycling Salt Cost Breakdown

Smelting Stage Lithium OPEX Comparison – China VS US

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