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China Rare Earth Supply


Supply and Demand research of China's rare earths industry in 2009-2013 and forecasts in 2014-2018


Researched the supply and demand of rare earths industry in China (supply of 16 elements and 10+ downstream industries demand); forecasts the trends in the next five years based on key factors.





Segmentation forecasting

Geographic Region (GR) andEnterpriseClassification Methodology

Primary interviews and public information cross-check



Sample Size:

Represent nearly 100% of quota & more than 70% of RE real output (ore and oxide) in China.

Cover 10+ down streaming industries and focus on 5 key sectors.

More than 50 simple sizes, including RE ore & oxide, RE metal, RE permanent magnet, hydrogen storage, polishing, fluorescence and catalysis.


Project Time:

10 weeks



Detailed supply and demand analysis – Including Supply by districts and elements and Demand by industries and elements (Excel)

China Rare Earth Market Research (PPT) 



China RE Executive Summary

China RE Supply Side Analysis

China RE Demand Side Analysis

China RE Exports Analysis 

China RE Policy Analysis