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Copper Mining Industry and Associated Cost Study in China


In order to obtain a better understanding of copper mines and associated production cost in China, Client seeks to conduct a large-scale mine survey with SMM.




Bottom-up methodology

In-depth telephone and on-site interviews

Sample Size

Over 120 mines covering 11 provinces and 21 mining zones

Covering about 45% capacity

Project Time

8 weeks



Sample data with full coverage

Geographical coverage: 11 provinces and 21 mining zones

Ore type: sulfide and oxide

Ownership: SOE and private

Mining Method: open-pit and underground

Detailed cost breakdown

Total cost breakdown: mining cost, processing cost, maintenance & overheads, tax & fees and depreciation & amortization

Typical mining cost breakdown: explosive, diesel, power, labor, other consumables and ROM Transportation

Processing cost breakdown: labor, power, steel ball, water, flotation reagent, other consumables and management fee

By-product credit: Au, Ag and etc.

Expansion and resource exhaustion analysis





Client’s understanding of China’s 120 copper mines

Full copper concentrate cost breakdown

Detailed info of samples (capacity, production, mining life and so on)

Qualitative analysis on China’s copper mines evolution

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