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China Lead-Acid Battery Market Study

Project Objectives 

· to give clients an in-depth understanding of Chinese lead-acid battery market, including but not limited to capacity, output, technology, cost, demand and policy impact.  

Project Process



· SMM’ survey sample covers 90% of China’s lead-acid battery capacity and is concerned with capacity distribution, output and cost structure at producers using different production technology.      

· SMM calculates lead-acid battery output in two ways: 1. top-down approach, i.e. conducting surveys on lead-acid battery producers; 2. bottom-up approach, i.e. estimate lead-acid battery output based upon output in downstream sectors, such as e-bike, automobile, motorcycle, base stations, etc.   


Project Schedule 

· 8 weeks



· Lead-Acid Battery Market Study 2015-2020

· Data spreadsheet (excel format)



· Lead-acid battery capacity & output 2015-2020 

· Lead-acid battery demand 2015-2020   

· Lead-acid battery cost structure: 1. traditional production process for e-bike motive lead-acid battery vs enclosed battery formation process; 2. enclosed battery formation process for e-bike motive lead-acid battery using lead-calcium alloy vs rare earth alloy; 3. dry charged ignition automotive lead-acid battery vs maintenance-free one; 4. dry charged ignition motorcycle lead-acid battery vs maintenance-free one     

· Market development of new types of lead-acid battery 

· Lead use in lead-acid battery (primary lead vs secondary lead)

Sample Download
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