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2021-2025 China Aluminium Industry Chain Annual Report
Hot topics in China aluminium market 2020-2025. China aluminium demand analysis and forecast. Analysis and forecast of China's aluminium supply. Analysis and forecast of aluminium price. Raw material.Aluminium scrap supply/demand balance and price forecast. Policies and hot events in the aluminium industry and their impacts. Bauxite and alumina market. Aluminium market & Aluminium processing market. Secondary aluminium market. Auxiliary material market.
2021-2025 China Copper Industry Chain Annual Report
Copper industry chain quarterly demand and supply balance, and price forecast. Copper raw materials. China's top 10 copper concentrate importers and import volumes. Copper smelting. Output at top 10 Chinese copper smelters in 2021. Copper processing. Operating rates at copper rod producers that use copper scrap as raw materials by scale. Copper end-users. SMM copper related prices. Hot topics in 2021. Analysis and forecast of China copper demand. Analysis and forecast of China’s copper supply.
2021-2025 China Lead Industry Chain Annual Report
Social Inventory And Balance. Lead Concentrate Raw Material. Refined Lead. Primary Lead. Secondary Lead. Silver. Lead-acid Battery. Other Products. Hot topics in China lead market in 2021. How the lead industry chain is affected by the dual control of energy consumption and the shortage of coal and electricity? Lead prices review 2021. Global lead demand and supply in 2021. Lead concentrate. Lead consumption: Lead-acid battery. Lead inventory. Policies in lead industry. Outlook for lead market
2021-2025 China Zinc Industry Chain Annual Report
The output of smelters is less than expected for multiple reasons in 2021. Zinc demand and supply balance. Zinc concentrate raw materials. Primary zinc consumption. Zinc end-user consumption. Hot topics in domestic zinc market. Power rationing and production restrictions remain as the market focus. Zinc price review in 2021. Overview of global demand and supply. Overview of zinc concentrate demand and supply in China. Analysis of China’s zinc supply in 2021. Analysis of China zinc demand in 2021
2021-2025 China Tin Industry Chain Annual Report
Market balance.Demand and supply balance of China's tin market and China's tin ore market n 2016-2021. Tin concentrate. Tin concentrate prices in China's main producing areas in 2016-2021. Refined tin. Statistics of China's refined tin production capacity, output, and operating rate in 2016-2021. Downstream end user. China’s imports of other tin products in 2011-2021. China’s exports of other tin products in 2011-2021. China’s monthly output and sales of tin plate in 2013-2021. China’s monthly i
2021-2025 China Iron Ore & Steel Industry Chain Annual Report
Iron Ore & Steel
Iron Ore. The Operating Rates of Beneficiation Plants in China. Dependency on Iron Ore Imports Review and Forecast. Coke. Domestic Capacity Utilisation Rates at Coking Plants. Steel Scrap. Price Spread of Steel Scrap in China and Overseas Market. Steel. Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking Cost Review and Forecast. Downstream Sector. The Proportion of Total Steel Consumption in Major Industries. Market Focus. The impact of dual energy consumption control on steel output and cost. How will the Winter Olympics affect the production in Hebei and surrounding areas. Domestic Iron Ore Cost. Supply and Demand of Iron ore . Cost, suppy and demand of coke. Steel scrap supply. Steel scrap demand. Steel market review. Steel cost. Analysis of steel inventory. Main steel downstream sectors and demand.
2021-2025 China Manganese Industry Chain Annual Report
Floods in South Africa significantly affected the land transportation of manganese ore. Guangxi issued Notice on Heightening Energy-saving Requirement in Energy-intensive Industries. Hunan, Chongqing, Guizhou enhanced the treatment of manganese pollution and promoted to adjust the manganese industry. Supply of battery-grade manganese sulphate will tighten amid development of electric vehicles. China manganese ore market. China EMM market. EMM industry presents new growth opportunities amid environmental protection upgrades. China SiMn alloy market. China manganese sulphate market. China manganese sulphate market. China manganese ore demand and supply balance and price forecast 2017-2025E. China EMM demand and supply balance and price forecast 2018-2025. China manganese alloy demand and supply balance and price forecast 2018-2025E. China manganese chemicals demand and supply balance 2021-2025E. Review of major events in domestic manganese industry in 2021. Ternary battery output expansion pushed up the demand for high-purity manganese sulphate. What will the market outlook be like?
2021-2025 China Nickel Industry Chain Annual Report
Tsingshan’s high-grade nickel matte project triggers thinking about new pricing scheme. Premiums of battery-grade nickel sulphate over high-grade NPI. Analysis of the impact of "Norwegian nickel plate” as a deliverable brand against SHFE nickel. Nickel supply-demand balance. Global nickel supply-demand balance and price forecast 2012-2025E. Overview of nickel supply. Nickel ore. Monthly average FOB and CIF prices of domestic laterite nickel ore imports 2011-2021. Nickel smelting. China ferronickel import and export by volume, average grade and metal content 2008-2021. Nickel downstream sectors. Scrap. Prices of #201, #304, and #430 stainless steel scrap 2013-2021.
2021-2025 China Rare Earth Industry Chain Annual Report
Rare Earth
Demand and supply balance in China's rare earth market. Producing quotas for rare earth ore, oxides in 2021. Analysis of end-user demand 2016-2025E. Downstream demand for rare earth oxide in China 2018-2025E. Rare earth price review and forecast. Rare earth related policies. Financial indicators of rare earth listed companies in 2021. Hot topics in 2021. Analysis of China rare earth imports and exports in 2019-2022E. The impact of the dual control of energy consumption on the industry chain. Domestic rare earth price review and forecast 2020-2022E. Global rare earth industry. Analysis of demand and supply balance for China's rare earth market in 2021-2025E. Analysis and forecast of China’s rare earth oxide demand 2021-2025E. Analysis and forecast of China’s end user demand for rare earth permanent magnet and unit consumption 2021-2025E. Analysis of China's rare earth export and import markets in 2021. Analysis of the financial status and other indicators of 6 major companies. Analysis of rare-earth-related policies in China.
2021-2025 China Silicon Industry Chain Annual Report
Silicon metal market. The time when the silicon metal prices stood below 10,000 yuan/mt is gone due to the high prices of electricity and raw materials. Review of the impact of power rationing and energy consumption control on the production of silicon metal in 2021. China's silicon supply and demand balance and price forecast during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period. The opportunities and challenges brought by carbon peak and carbon neutrality on the silicon metal industry. Silicone market. Polysilicon market.The forecast of photovoltaic installed capacity and polysilicon demand during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. Aluminium alloy market. The soaring prices of silicon metal as raw materials have changed the pricing model of aluminium alloy. Exports. Raw materials. Futures. The silicon metal and polysilicon futures will serve as an alternative hedging tool for companies. China’s silicon metal supply. China’s silicon metal demand. Import and export. Raw materials and costs. End-users. SMM prices.
2021-2025 China Nickel Cobalt Lithium New Energy Industry Chain Annual Report
Nickel Cobalt Lithium
Global spodumene concentrate projects are expected to be put into operation in 2021-2025E. Lithium salt supply and demand & price cycle forecast. Lithium is a cyclical industry. The supply and demand will determine the prices, and the prices subsequently affect the profits and profit expectations, which is closely correlated with the operation of the new capacities that will later impact the overall supply of the industry. Eventually, the fluctuations in supply and demand will arouse price volatility, forming a cycle fluctuation. Impact of the successful transfer from NPI to high-grade nickel matte on the market. MHP will remain the most important raw material for nickel sulphate, accounting for xx% in 2025 and maintaining a high growth rate of xx% in the next five years. Domestic lithium battery recycling channels and processing technology. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, battery recycling has attracted much attention. In 2021, China’s lithium battery scrap can be divided into inter-production scrap and retired lithium battery scrap. Inter-production scrap recycling will serve as an effective supplement to the recycling channel as the concentrated retiring of batteries has not come. The black mass, as the main product of recycling, will be processed through battery pack pre-treatment, pyrolysis, and black powder screening treatment, etc.