Who We Are

Shanghai Metals Market (SMM) is integrated internet platform provider of nonferrous and ferrous metals.

At SMM, we provide an integrated internet platform of benchmark prices, analysis, news, consulting and conferences of the metals & mining industry.

Headquartered in Shanghai, with branch office in Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Shandong Yantai and Guangdong Foshan. We have extensive network and deep-rooted relationships in SMM nonferrous, ferrous metals and new energy metals industries. With overseas offices in Singapore, UK, US and the well-built research &sales network, we serve our customers in the global metal ecosystem. At SMM, we help you “Know the REAL China” from a global perspective.

SMM’s flagship portal (www.metal.com and www.smm.cn) engages the most customers in the SMM metals industry and has the largest volume of unique daily visitors. Our extensive database covers over 20 years of historical data and receives over 200,000 page views per day.

Get the Insight You Need
Investment and Merger Opportunities
Based on expert insights, screen industries and investment targets, identify investment opportunities, assist in due diligence, and develop investment plans
Strategic Planning Consulting
Based on the characteristics of the company's business, analyze internal and external changes, develop stratgic plans or transformation plans, and promote the establishment of innovative mechanisms
Project Feasibility Study Plan
Based on market development, objectively and neutrally provide, improve, or evaluate the feasibility plan of the project
Market Information Evaluation
Evaluate the effectiveness of market activities and marketing plans based on timely feedback from practitioners and audiences
Competitor Research
Based on first-hand research, gain a detailed understanding of competitors' products, business, planning, costs, advantages and disadvantages, etc
Our Advantages
Our History
Since its establishment in 1999, SMM has deeply cultivated metals, rooted in new energy, covered carbon neutrality, and thoroughly grasped the industrial linkage between upstream raw materials and downstream applications. It has been a leader in pricing, market, technology, communities, and exhibitions in related industries.
Our Analysts
We have over 200 analysts who have frequent contact with industrial enterprises, updating over 120,000 data points in the metal and new energy markets every day. We are the first to grasp market trading trends, data, and events, and to master and update the "industry chain map" of related listed companies.
Our Database
The SMM new energy database covers over 500 core enterprises in the lithium battery, photovoltaic, energy storage and other industrial chains; The SMM non-ferrous database covers more than 2000 core enterprises in the industrial chain of basic metals, precious metals, energy metals, small metals, etc; The SMM ferrous metals database covers over 1000 domestic mining and beneficiation plants, 200 pellet plants, over 100 independent beneficiation plants for imported mines, and over 500 EAF and BF steel mills. The downstream purchasing manager index for steel covers a wide range of fields, with data accumulated for over 10 years.
Our Clients
We have served over 100,000 clients, including large and well-known financial investment institutions, consulting firms, multinational enterprises, group enterprises, and leading enterprises, and have been highly praised for their speed, efficiency, and depth.
Partners & Clients