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SMM Magnesium Webinar
20 views · Oct 29, 2021
Logan Lu
Senior Vice President
Logan Lu, joined SMM in 2011, started with ferrous industry research, then consulting execution, and non-ferrous industry research. Logan has more than 10 years of experience in pricing assessment, commodity research and consulting.

Following the decline in the price of magnesium ingots from nearly 70,000 yuan/ton at the end of September to the current 48,000 yuan/ton, the magnesium price has been sideways in the range of 48,000-50000 for nearly three weeks, and the market is currently in a stalemate. For the Q4 2021, the production in the main production regions resumes while under the influence of dual control of energy consumption, whether the supply of magnesium ingots can meet the downstream demand has gradually become one of the main concerns in the industry.  At the same time, under the influence of high magnesium prices, the cost of some downstream factories has risen sharply, and some downstream industries have experienced the phenomenon of enterprise retreat. Due to the decrease in both current supply and demand, how the price of magnesium will go?

1.The actual upstream market supply situation, the fourth quarter’s magnesium output forecast, and the duration of dual control of energy consumption in the future

2. Under the influence of current tight supply and weak demand, what to be considered affecting the trend of magnesium prices

Webinar Keynote
With the weak in both supply and demand side, what is the next move for magnesium price?


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