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  • iconAug/18/2022, 04:00PM - Aug/18/2022, 05:00PM
    iconWeb Broadcasting
    iconGiven the pressure on the profits of European smelters caused by the fall in zinc price, is it possible for European zinc smelters to resume production in the short term?
  • iconAug/17/2022, 04:00PM - Aug/17/2022, 05:00PM
    iconWeb Broadcasting
    iconDomestic inventories are at a record low. What are the reasons for this, and what does it imply?
  • iconAug/16/2022, 04:00PM - Aug/16/2022, 05:00PM
    iconWeb Broadcasting
    iconBack to increase trend by the end of Q2, mainly due to the recovery of downstream NEV & battery demand.
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