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Market Intelligence
Market intelligence is focused on research for the entire industry.
Value Chain Analysis
SMM helps clients to understand China non-ferrous and ferrous value chain which covers mining companies, smelters, semi-products and downstream players. By interview target sample companies, SMM conclude China market balance including supply-demand situation from ores, smelting products, to downstream products, import & export situation and policy, pricing mechanism, technology evolution and forecast development in short and long terms.
Supply and Demand Analysis
Price Mechanism and Forecast
Business Insight
Business insights provide knowledge of companies and industries.
Cost Curve and Evolution
Cost Breakdown and Key Drivers
Financial Assessment/Credit Report
IPO Industry Overview
Opportunity Assessment
Opportunity assessments help our clients to identify and tap growth opportunities in China.
Target Screening
Feasibility Study
Commercial Due Diligence
Market Entry
Market Sizing
Strategic Solution
Strategic solutions provide our clients with a firm foundation to consolidate their targets and strategise for the way ahead.
M&A Strategy
Customer Strategy
Product Strategy