How to use SMM Benchmarks
Who uses SMM assessments?
China’s producers, foreign suppliers, traders, importers, end-users, banks, the Customs, courts, etc.
How to use SMM assessments?
SMM assessments are used as formula parameters in sales contracts.
SMM assessments are referred to in spot price negotiations.
SMM assessments are used in the Customs’ price checking, assets valuation, adjudication of trade disputes, etc.
How SMM assessments are used
-A copper rod producer: We purchase 1,000 mt of copper for production every month, but it is a hassle to negotiate prices with suppliers every time. We plan to sign a long-term contract with suppliers and settle the purchasing prices in advance. However, what is the reference for the prices? What prices can we both agree on?
How SMM assessments can help: You can use SMM assessments as the basis price in the contract and put SMM assessments in a calculation formula. Both parties are unlikely to suffer major losses due to a poor judgement of the market as SMM assessments reflect market prices.

-A new silver purifying and ingoting plant: We are going to commission our facilities soon and launch the products through our agents. But we are unfamiliar with the market. How can we price our products?
How SMM assessments can help: As SMM assessments accurately reflect current market prices, you can take the assessments as the basis price and establish a pricing system together with the agent. You can raise prices as soon as market prices increase and gain more profits. You can also reasonably lower prices once market prices decrease. The agent’s profits would be ensured, and you two can establish a long-term and stable relationship.

-A trader: I have 2,000 mt of A00 aluminium ingot to sell within this week. But I have no idea how to adjust my offers in a falling market so that buyers are willing to take the cargo. What can I do?
How SMM assessments can help: As SMM assessments are transparent and are close to actual transactions in the market, you can negotiate with the buyer and take SMM assessments as the basis for settlement. This can help buyers avoid risks and help you offload the cargo.

-A bank: A nickel trader wanted to pledge 5,000 mt of nickel for a loan of 80,000 yuan/mt. Is the price reasonable?
How SMM assessments can help: You can take SMM assessments as the basis price for the mortgage. SMM can provide you with the current 1# refined nickel price assessment as the certificate and help you with the evaluation of loan application.

-The Customs: Some importers lowered lower the price in their sales contracts to pay less tariffs. How we can prevent such situations to avoid tax loss in China?
How SMM assessments can help: In addition to being an accurate reflection of current market prices, SMM assessments can also serve as a reference for historical prices. You can request SMM assessments of a certain product at a certain time.