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Global Steel price declines 25% Y/Y in August: MEPS

Between the summer of 2014 and April 2015, hot rolled coil selling figures, in the US, lost a third of their value, according to MEPS International.

Major Regions Steel Scrap Price (Weekly)

Regions Specification Average Prices (RMB/mt) Change (RMB/mt) Date
Bei Jing Heavy, VAT Included 2,970 0 2010-09-30
Guang Zhou Heavy, VAT Included 2,975 20 2010-09-30
Shang Hai Heavy, VAT Included 2,720 -40 2010-09-30
Zhang Jia Gang Heavy, VAT Included 3,080 30 2010-09-30


Steel Scrap Import Volume (Monthly)

Products Quantity Date
Cast Iron Scrap 0 2011-08-01
Stainless Steel Scrap 0.62 2011-08-01
Other Alloy Scrap 0.95 2011-08-01
Tin-Plated Scrap 0 2011-08-01
Other Scrap 50.09 2011-08-01


Steel Scrap Export Volume (Monthly)

Products Quantity Date
Cast Iron Scrap 0 2011-08-01
Stainless Steel Scrap 0 2011-08-01
Other Alloy Scrap 0 2011-08-01
Tin-Plated Scrap 0 2011-08-01
Other Scrap 0.03 2011-08-01

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China Steel Briefing 20150828

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) announced cuts in interest rate and reserve requirement ratio (RRR) on August 25 in a bid to reduce borrowing costs and pump liquidity.

China Steel Briefing 20150807

The average loss for hot-rolled steel expanded from RMB 199/mt in June to RMB 400/mt in July, and that for rebar also worsened from RMB 138/mt to RMB 276/mt, SMM statistics found.

China Steel Briefing 20150731

Local steel mills contacted by SMM said they have no idea of this news and have received no official notification of production cuts so far.

CNY Base Rate

100 units of foreign currencies in CNY

Name Buying Rate Selling Rate Middle Rate
USD 636.57 639.13 638.93
HKD 82.14 82.45 82.44
100JPY 524.83 528.51 527.18
EUR 714.37 719.39 717.93
GBP 980.63 987.51 988.64
Date: 2015-08-31

Source: spot exchange rate at UTC 10:55 am every day on the website of Bank of China