China Aluminum Monthly May, 2013


Alumina: China’s alumina output hit 3.86 million mt during May, up 10.29% YoY, bringing capacity to 45.45 million mt/yr on an annualized basis, down 1.8%. The lower annualized capacity was mainly resulted from aluminum smelters’ production cuts which left some alumina markets in surplus and weak alumina prices that forced some alumina producers to start maintenance.

Aluminum: Trading inventories of primary aluminum fell sharply during the past month by 266,000 mt. SMM attributes the decline to three major factors. First, production cuts of aluminum producers starting at the beginning of the year cut primary aluminum output. Second, high premiums in Henan and Shandong caused producers to shift deliveries to those regions. Finally, purchases of SRB continued to affect deliveries from aluminum producers.

Aluminum Semis: China Customs reported domestic aluminum semis exports in April were 260,000 mt, up 8.33% YoY; YTD exports through April were 930,000 mt, up 5.68% YoY. Aluminum semis producers reported they were aggressively exporting goods to generate cash in the face of cash flow problems in Q2. Besides, domestic aluminum semis are competitive in international markets due to high premiums of international primary aluminum.

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What is Our Focus

The analysis on current aluminum market as well as market outlook

The report covers the whole chain of aluminum industry

The development situation of the Chinese aluminum industry including output,

supply & demand and downstream consumption in china market

The price movement and important market happenings



Today China has become the largest manufacturer and consumer of Alumina & Aluminum worldwide who occupies an important position in the global aluminum industry. Currently the expansion of both the alumina and aluminum industry remains strong and production output keeps going, at the same time, the working rate keeps high from the downstream processing company. Under the pressure of decreasing inventory, aluminum price will increasing continuously in a midterm.


Core Data

Through 10 years’ efforts of collecting first hand industry data directly from industry players,

SMM owns the most complete Aluminum database which covered a wide range of monthly output of aluminum and SMM alumina; new expansion project of alumina and aluminum; the working rate from the survey of SMM aluminum plate and strip, aluminum profile, aluminum alloy ingot, aluminum cable etc.


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