Over 80% of Chinese Lead-Acid Battery Producers Shut Down

Aug 02, 2011 09:36 GMT   Source:SMM

SHANGHAI, Aug. 2 (SMM) – As of July 31st, a total number o f 1,930 enterprises engaged in lead-acid battery production, assembling, and recovering (secondary lead) have been involved in recent inspections, according to the statistics released by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Of those, 1,598 enterprises have been shut down, accounting for nearly 83% of the total.

According to sources, 583 of 1,598 enterprises have been eliminated, 405 closed for rectification, and 610 suspending production.

By province, the number of enterprises having been shut down accounts for more than 70%. Of those, 307 of 328 enterprises in Zhejiang have been shut down in Zhejiang, accounting for 94%, 430 of 484 in Jiangsu, 89%, 161 of 191 in Guangdong, 84%, 88 of 124 in Shandong, 71%, 82 of 97 in Anhui, 82%, 77 of 95 in Henan, 81%, 47 of 58 in Sichuan, 81%, 38 of 56 in Hubei, 68%.

Among the 1,930 enterprises, 639 enterprises are engaged in manufacturing lead acid battery polar plates, 1105 in assembling, and 186 in recovering. 



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