China Steel Capacity Annual Report, 2011-2015

Oct 19, 2010 09:40 GMT   Source:SMM

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China's steel capacity continues its expansion, which was boosted by 2010's rapid domestic growth and steel mills' profits increases. However, it imposes considerable uncertainty upon the future development of Chinese steel industry when the Central Government accelerates its strategic plan of industrial restructure and upgrading. Chinese government has strengthens its implementation of "eliminating inefficient capacity" policy since 2010, strictly restricting new projects opening, while tightening its control over electricity supplies to meet targets set for "energy-saving & emission-reduction". Under this circumstance, SMM Metals believes the capacity restriction initiatives will continue into 2011, while the roles of these initiatives worth further study.

What is Our Focus

- What will be the trend of Chinese Steel Production in the coming 5 years since 2011?

- How to judge the situation when a severe oversupply of steels occurs?

- How the degree of concentration in China Steel industry has been influenced by ongoing mergers & acquisitions?

- How will Chinese steel mills be impacted by government's "Energy- Saving & Emission-Reduction" policies?

- What will be the new measures of "eliminating inefficient capacity" and their expected results?

Hot topics

China Steel Capacity Change
We figure out Chinese total steel capacity by end of 2010 based on the installed production equipments, while projecting the movement in next 5 years taking into account those newly installed and planned capacity.

Influence from "Energy Saving and Emission Reduction"Policy
We calculate out the potential of "energy-saving & emission-reduction" policies and its influence upon Chinese national economy and steel industry through analyzing relevant targets set by government.

Utilization Rate of Productive Capacity
We project the capacity utilization of Chinese steel sector in 2011 based on this annual report's research on market demands. Plus we judge if severe oversupply will take place and to what extent it will develop.

Eliminate Inefficient Capacity
We estimate 2011's targets of washing out lagging capacity on basis of the historical implementation of relevant policies since 2005.

Merger and Acquisition of Steel Mills
We follow 2010's merger and acquisition within domestic steel industry before analyzing, along with historical data, their influence upon industrial restructure.

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